• 2021

Damage Control

Mopar® Windshield Made with Gorilla Glass

Damage can happen anywhere, anytime — without warning — whether your customers are off-roading or commuting to work. So help them protect themselves. The next time a Jeep® Wrangler or Gladiator windshield needs replacing, suggest a Mopar® Windshield Made with Corning Gorilla Glass. It’s the lightweight, durable glass that utilizes the same strengthening technology as cell phone screens. Mopar Windshields with Gorilla Glass help minimize the need for costly repairs. Plus, they’ve been validated in testing and are backed by a 2-year limited warranty. Visit Mopar.com/gorilla to learn more.

The Mopar® Windshield Made with Gorilla Glass helps defend against many common windshield fractures …


  • Typically small, sharp stone impact
  • Characteristic “star” (aka radial) crack
  • Crack extends fully through the outer glass ply (surfaces one and two)


  • Larger, blunt object like hail or stone
  • Sharp impact on surface one
  • Long cracks “running” from a central point


  • Crack is commonly on inner ply of surfacefour, sometimes on outer ply of surface two
  • Typically small blunt rock/debris impact
  • Characteristic “bullseye” flaw,may see surrounding star crack
  • Crack is on surface one of outer ply,may extend to surface two of outer ply


2019-2021 JL Jeep® Wrangler and JT Jeep Gladiator vehicles

  • Part Number 68522631AA (Base) | NAGS Number DW02656GTY

Coming soon:

  • Part Number 68522632AA (Base w/ Antenna) | NAGS Number DW02728GTY
  • Part Number 68522633AA (Camera + Heater) | NAGS Number DW02729GTY
  • Part Number 68522634AA (Camera + Heater w/ Antenna) | NAGS Number DW02730GTY

2007-2018 JK Jeep Wrangler vehicles

  • Part Number 68401325AB | NAGS Number DW02479GTN

Mopar® Windshield Made with Gorilla Glass #68401325AA

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