• 2020

Driven to Spread Some Cheer!

Inspiration for Safe Travels, Fun Events and Year-Round Gifting

Most of us have been locked down, masked up, socially distanced and doing everything in our power to stay safe and healthy. And as this remarkable calendar year winds down, we at Mopar® want to help you make the best of each day. So here’s a collection of ideas to help you manage the diverse and sometimes strange circumstances we’ve found ourselves in so far. Consider this a call to do something new, a prompt to think of ways to serve others, and any other number of community-focused activities — all meant to help spread a little cheer — both now and throughout 2021!

No matter what FCA US vehicle you or your customers drive, it is built to provide safe, reliable and comfortable transportation. Whether the destination is the job site or the backcountry … whether the goal is to build something new or find a new trail, we’re in the business of helping people get to places they want to be. And that includes those times when it’s more about the journey than the destination and the reason for the trip is simply to enjoy the open road. When it’s time to rethink where to go and how to get there, consider taking a new route to a familiar destination. Or, visit a new place within an hour’s drive of your location. And if you like things a bit more open-ended, consider going for a long drive alone or with family.


Sometimes road trips — whether long or short — require we bring a few more things with us. Many FCA US vehicles can be equipped with rooftop cargo baskets, allowing drivers to use the space on top of their vehicles for luggage or other items. For back-of-vehicle organization, a cargo management system will keep things neat and tidy. And for traveling furry friends, a pet kennel provides a safe enclosure. For the thousands of Ram Truck owners out there, clever and durable truck bed cargo solutions make transportation of all kinds of gear and tools safe and easy. Beyond helpful cargo solutions, custom additions to a vehicle help personalize it to each driver. For the performance-oriented driver, racing stripes and bright pedals give a sense of fun and flash. And for protecting vehicles and exposed vehicle parts, a full vehicle cover or a spare tire cover will help keep off dust and dirt and reduce wear and tear.

Got a friend or neighbor who finds it difficult to get out? Offer to run an errand or bring them something, perhaps to run an errand or grab a quick bite to eat. Want to cheer up some neighbors from the safety of your vehicle? Head out for a drive-by caroling event and sing some cheer into the neighborhood!

Vacations sure changed this year. But Americans got creative and planned fun activities within driving distances. Camping and kayaking and other outdoor activities grew in popularity as people rediscovered the great outdoors. Whether it’s the lake, the beach, the mountains or some beautiful but remote location, this nation offers an abundance of destinations and activities for every time and season. And there’s a reason we call them getaways. Is it time for you to make yours?

When you do, there will be those who say you can’t take it with you. We think you probably can if you use Mopar® cargo gear. From rooftop cargo boxes and bags to cargo nets, there’s probably a way for you to safely and securely store your stuff — from luggage to coolers to sleeping bags. And if you’re planning one of those adventures which will allow you to cozy up to the great outdoors, consider a tent that attaches to the back of an FCA US vehicle.

Whatever holiday or getaway adventures you undertake and whatever driving is needed to get there, don’t forget to show your Mopar® pride. Men’s and women’s Mopar jackets and t-shirts make great gifts — for you, too! Don’t forget a supply of Mopar masks and be sure you and yours stay hydrated with a Mopar water bottle. Finally, remember all the good times and count your blessings by recording them in a Mopar notebook.