• 2020

Road Ready Teenagers

(Pictured above a teenage driver successfully pilots a Dodge Charger GT on the serpentine course. Police trainers always ride along in the passenger seat.)

FCA US LLC recently hosted, with the Michigan State Police (MSP), its seventh Road Ready teen defensive driving program at its Auburn Hills, MI, headquarters. Ninety-six teenagers enjoyed instruction from police trainers on how to be better drivers and improve safety on and off the road. This included learning the dangers of texting and driving, among other courses. Other states offer similar programs. Check with your state police force for more information.

4 Hours – 5 Vehicles – 96 Teens

• Controlled braking
• Evasive maneuvering
• Impaired driving
• Off-road recovery (emergency)
• Parallel parking
• Serpetine
• Texting and driving
• Tire changing

Below: MSP trainers ensured all the teenagers operated vehicles safely while teaching them how to drive in adverse circumstances.

Below: A teenage driver carefully navigates a Jeep® Wrangler back to safety during an off-road recovery procedure.

Below: When changing a tire, students learned it’s safety first: Pull off to safe area; use a bright, reflective vest; and wear protective gloves.

Below: Only the orange traffic cones suffered as teenagers learned defensive driving techniques.

Below: This Alfa Romeo Giulia gets a workout from a teenage driver during the controlled braking segment of the course.

Below: “Fatal Vision” driving goggles simulate impaired driving as a teenager tries to navigate a turn in a Jeep Compass.

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