• 2019

Is it the World’s First SRT Hellcat-Swapped Dodge Dakota?

Reader Greg S. from Michigan has a 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport which was no slouch with its factory 5.2L Magnum engine mated to a five-speed manual trans. But Greg likes mods. So in 2017, he put a 392 Crate HEMI® engine in it. Then, in 2018 — because he “wanted to go faster and wanted the ‘Wow!’ factor” — Greg swapped the 392 out for a 6.2L Hellcrate and a T56 from an SRT10®. He also equipped the Dakota with headers, performance exhaust and performance tuning. Now, the Dakota kicks out about 700 wheel horsepower. His last pass at the strip was 11.14 seconds at 127 mph.

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