• 2019

Hellephant Hath No Fury

Like Christine Scorned

Back when Mark Worman was 15 years old fi xing his fi rst ’70 Challenger, he never would have imagined he would be working with the latest Mopar® crated monster, the 1,000-horsepower 950 lb.-ft. torque giant Hellephant. As a Mopar guy through and through, he knew this all-aluminum masterpiece needed the perfect home. On the drive back from SEMA 2018, he was already dreaming of the car where the beast would find a place of unrest. With his love of muscle cars, the choice was clear: a 1958 hardtop 2-door Plymouth Fury.

Finding the perfect car was essential to Mark Worman’s restoration process. A plea on Facebook for a 1958 Fury resulted in the perfect find, all the way from Benton, Arkansas. Mark named the vehicle Christine based off a famous horror movie from the 1980s.

For a restoration this intricate, Worman estimates it will take 1,000 hours to finish with an efficient team. The first stages of the restoration process will be the disassembly and polishing. Worman expects to get most of his O.E. donor parts from Big M Automotive, a California-based company with all desert cars. It will be the first body-over-frame vehicle he has restored in the last decade. Much of the process will be posted on Graveyard Carz social media so fans and followers can watch Christine come to life. Worman’s goal is to, as he says it, “Keep the car as original and close to the showroom floor as possible while marrying it with today’s technology, so Christine will really look like Christine.”

The car will be officially unveiled at SEMA 2019 at the Mopar Booth. She’ll be fully equipped with animatronics such as power windows, lights, radio and remote control mobility, allowing Christine to come back to life from the scrapyard. Her debut will be full of surprises, so SEMA guests should be ready for a movie-like experience from this soon-to-be show-stopping Fury.


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