• 2019

Haul of Shane

Shane Pearson – Dodge Challenger 1320 NMCA HEMI® (engine) Challenge Competitor − Ft. Smith, Arkansas, resident

Mopar® Magazine: How did you get started in racing?

Pearson: I grew up with it, born in ’67 in the middle of the muscle car era. Once I started playing with Hot Wheels, I knew I wanted to drag race. Newport, Arkansas, at 16 was my first time on a drag strip in a Chevy Vega.

MM: How did you get into Mopar?

Pearson: When I saw my first AAR’Cuda as a kid, I told my dad we had to have one. My dad bought a ’69 Coronet that I loved. Then, at 19, in El Paso, Arkansas, I was leaving a rodeo at 2 a.m.  with my friend Danny and I was catching a big block Dodge. I caught up to this guy in the Dodge at a traffic light. When I caught it and sat at the light, he revved the motor. After that, we met up at a car event and I learned more about this specific big block Dodge. In 1991, I bought a 1975 Dodge Dart, but never raced it. Three years later I bought a 1975 Plymouth Stamp (Dodge Swinger), then I found out about the 1320 Challenger and bought that too!

MM: What is your favorite car you have owned?

Pearson: 2015 Dodge Charger R/T TorRed with a 5.7 L HEMI® engine. It was the first time I owned a modern road car that I could drive to and from my house to the racetrack!

MM: What is your dream car?

Pearson: The Dodge Challenger 1320 in Indigo is my dream car! I can drive it to the track, race it and drive it home.

MM: What would you call your home racetrack?

Pearson: Centerville Dragway, Arkansas.

MM: What about your favorite racetrack?

Pearson: Spokane International Raceway, Washington.

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