• 2019

Primary Convertible Top Hinge Installation

Technical Repair Information at your Fingertips

Here is a sample of the step-by-step, factory-official repair instructions available through www.TechAuthority.com.

2009 Chrysler Sebring

1. Place the primary hinge into position and align with the marks made during removal (Figure 1).
2. Install the mounting fasteners to the primary hinge. Tighten to 23 N-m (17 ft. lbs.) (Figure 1).
3. Install the hydraulic cylinder to the hinge.

4. Install the bolts to the front header casting assembly 12 and install to header casting. Tighten to 16 N-m (12 ft. lbs.) (Figure 2).
5. Install the rear panel with the top cover to the vehicle.
6. Install the middle side rail weather-strips on both sides.
7. Connect the heated backlite electrical connectors.
8. Connect and isolate the battery negative cable.
9. Place the top in the vertical position.

10. Install the 2/3 bow 2 and 3 to the convertible top and install the mounting fasteners 1 (Figure 3).
11. Install the springs 4 to the 2/3 bow (Figure 3).
12. Lower the top to the header. Do not latch at the header.

13. Install the mattress pad.
14. Install the top cover back to the rear panel. The top cover and rear panel will be installed to the vehicle at the same time.
15. Install the two lower push-pins to the middle rail trim panel and carefully pull the trim engaging the retainers.
16. Install the header and front side rail trim fasteners and carefully pull down on the trim engaging the retainers.
17. Close the convertible top.
18. Install the rear and side trunk trim panels.
19. Install the appropriate quarter trim panel.