• 2019

Big Game Blitz

Dodge, Jeep® and Ram Brand steal attention from the Big Game with commercials that were right on the money.

FCA US LLC debuted seven commercials across the Dodge, Jeep® and Ram Brand digital and social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as part of its “Big Game Blitz” digital and social strategy.

“The teams that get to the Big Game do it by breaking through. By breaking out. By making big plays at the right time and taking calculated chances. We’re no different … With this new approach, we are able to engage with the audience through more creative executions than ever before leading up to this Sunday night.”

— Olivier François, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA US LLC

At the beginning of most American sporting events, it is traditional to celebrate our great country by rising and singing our national anthem.

The Jeep Brand took that honored tradition to heart with its “More Than Just Words” Big Game commercial. But, here’s the twist: The ad didn’t run during the game.

Instead, the Jeep Brand elected to reach consumers exclusively through social and digital channels, during a time when many are watching commercials online and likely to share. The spot was a visual narration of “The Star Spangled Banner” with music performed by One Republic. The song serves as a catalyst that takes viewers on an unexpected musical and visual odyssey, with images of Americana splashing across the screen representing the song’s lyrics.

It was a bold move for the Jeep Brand, as the spot smashed the company’s record for most online views, with over 106 million, more than the audience size for the Big Game broadcast. In addition to breaking company records for most views, “More Than Just Words” has been shared across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube over 200,000 times cumulatively, with over 50,000 comments combined reflecting overwhelmingly positive sentiment from fans across social media. Just a few of those comments can be seen on page 19.

The Ram Brand debuted a series of commercials during the Blitz, with a mix of heartfelt messaging and humor, including a social takeover strategy called “Ram Will Tow That” during the Sunday game. One commercial in particular, “Roll Rams Roll,” featured a herd of rams making their way across the nation to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet up with a few fans in a Ram Heavy Duty truck. The ad featured the song “Highway Tune” by Grammy-nominated rock artist Greta Van Fleet.

Another commercial, “4th Quarter Fight”, was a hat’s off to the people and players on and off the field. Those who give everything they have, not only in the fourth quarter of a football game, but every quarter in all walks of life.

The Dodge Brand used a custom rendition of the Charlie Daniels Band’s country classic “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” to showcase its “Domestic. Not Domesticated.” SRT® lineup, including Challenger, Charger and Durango ruling the streets of Atlanta.

A few words about “More Than Just Words” used with permission from YouTube comments…

“A car commercial never made me cry before. This did. Great job, Jeep.” — Mitch Grooms

“ This may be the best ad I have ever seen. No. It is the best ad I have ever seen! It popped up in a video and I loved it so much I had to come and watch it again! Thank you Jeep for standing up for America and all of her beauty.” — Sterling Roseberry

“ SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks for producing an ad like this at this time. May you sell millions! God bless YOU, and God bless America!” — Dan Nelson

See Them For Yourself!

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