• 2018

The Mopar® Cummins Reman Advantage.

When it comes to replacing a diesel engine or injectors, Reman is the smart way to go for a number of significant reasons.

Mopar® Cummins Reman Engines are remanufactured to exact O.E. standards with original parts — as opposed to aftermarket parts. They include the latest improvements in design and materials. What’s more, each unit is tested to ensure superior performance and quality.

Mopar Cummins Reman Engines also provide greater value through improved fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs and lower emissions than a typical repaired engine.


The Mopar Running Complete 6.7L and 5.9L Cummins Reman Engines give you the ability to get your customers’ vehicles back on the road quicker with less downtime than ever before.

  • Fully reconditioned and inspected castings, crank and rod
  • Only O.E. factory replacement parts used, including pistons, bearings, rings, gaskets and seals
  • Exhaust manifold, turbocharger, fuel lines, fuel pump, wiring harness*, fuel injectors, fuel filter, oil filter, EGR valve and EGR cooler all included


Mopar Cummins Reman cylinder heads, turbochargers and fuel injectors are also available. They’re manufactured using Cummins engine design processes and are built to original O.E. specs with genuine O.E. parts.

It all makes it so easy to see why Cummins Reman engines and engine parts are the closest thing to the original equipment for your Ram Diesel trucks.

Crate-Ready to Go: Ten Running Complete Applications

*Wiring harness not included

Mopar Cummins Diesel Engine Parts Now Available


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