• 2018

Dodge Goes Big on Roadkill Nights

This summer, another chapter in the Roadkill Nights book was written. The event again featured a Woodward Avenue drag strip where amateurs and professionals were able to race, dragging everything from a Dodge Dart to a Top Fuel race car on the hot asphalt of Detroit, Michigan.

For all of the Mopar® fans on-site, it was great to be able to watch some amazing cars from both the Small and Big Tire worlds of drag racing. FYI, a Small Tire class car has a tire width of less than 10.5 inches.

The top finishers competing with Mopar cars in the Small Tire class were Sterling Heights, Michigan, engineer Peter Bokedon (who was the sole Mopar qualifier for the final night session) piloting his 1972 Dodge Dart. Bokedon’s finals appearance meant he received $5,000 for the fastest small tire Dodge.

The Big Tire class saw Leon Hudson in his 1965 Plymouth Barracuda make it into the finals. James Pranis, in his 1968 Dodge Charger, fell just short in qualifying for the eight car final, but was awarded a $5,000 prize for the fastest big tire Dodge.

Unfortunately, a rain shower moved into the area just before the final round was set to be contested. Therefore, the final eight in each class split the $20,000 purse. The competitors and the over 40,000 people in attendance are already looking forward to returning for this unique precursor to the Woodward Dream Cruise when it returns again in 2019.