• 2018

The Lowdown on Checkups


Before a vehicle is certified by FCA US LLC, it must pass a rigorous 125-Point Inspection. This inspection includes everything from door locks and steering wheel center alignment to overall stopping performance. It may also include removing tar, bugs and road oil, and a spotless cleaning of the interior.


There are several reasons vehicle inspections are so important. First, it’s crucial for customers to stay safe on the road and vehicle inspections can actually help keep other drivers out of harm’s way. A regular inspection prevents a small problem from becoming a larger and more expensive repair. And, it’s also an excellent way to increase customer loyalty.

So what’s involved in a basic vehicle checkup? The first items on the checklist are tires. When it comes to safety, everyone knows there are few things as important as tires. Air pressure is checked, along with the wear pattern and tread depth. The wear pattern indicates whether the tire is balanced correctly or if an alignment is needed. Tread depth gives a customer a general idea of when the tires need to be replaced

After inspecting the tires, various fluid levels should be checked. These include motor oil, brake fluid, engine coolant, power steering, transmission and diesel exhaust fluids. The wiper washer fluid should also be checked. If any of the levels are low, the fluids should be topped up.

The next part of the vehicle checkup includes belts, filters, wipers, lamps and the battery. These are key factors to ensure the vehicle operates properly and safely.

A more in-depth checkup can also be done. It includes all the previously mentioned items plus the following: brakes, shocks/struts, steering components and the transfer case. Plus, U-joints, differential, suspension, axle boots and the exhaust system.

As you can see, there’s quite a range of vehicle checkups — from a basic one to a comprehensive 125-Point Inspection. But they’re all designed with one thing in mind: keeping drivers confident and safe behind the wheel.