• 2018

The Right Wear-With-All

Mopar® wearables — get the catwalk ready, here are the new styles from the authentic car line.

When you consider that T-shirts alone have become a multi-billion-dollar business over the last decade or so (and sales show no sign of slowing down), you can see why an investment in wearables is as important to the bottom line as it is to spreading brand equity.

But, trends in fashion change quickly and what’s popular in the now may not be what the kids are wearing tomorrow. That’s something even a proactive clothing retailer like Mopar® must keep in mind as they continue to develop popular wearables that stay ahead of the current.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

The automotive business, in general, has taken great pains to associate themselves with the latest trends in fashion, because they’ve learned that one way to sell their brand is to become more than a car company. It’s to connect themselves with a lifestyle. A cool design, a retro logo or a nostalgic piece of art can all bring an audience to an automotive brand through something as simple as a silk-screened T-shirt.

It’s also important to keep up with the latest available fabrics, styles and colors that are popular now. Because all of those things can change with each passing season. Another key is partnering with brands that make good association sense. That is, the partner companies that elevate yours through co-branding.

“We co-brand with Yeti and Oakley and it really elevates our brand by giving our customers the right quality of goods,” said Sarah Rea, Mopar Retail Brand Manager. “Carhartt® has been a big win for us because, like Mopar, people consider it the epitome of hard-working products.”

“Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” —Karl Lagerfeld

But, a brand has to be careful not to over-exploit or cheapen themselves with the wrong imagery on the wrong retail product. Even a beloved brand like Mopar can’t just print a logo on the next tank top and expect the shirt — or the brand — to sell.

“It’s about bringing the brand to the next level by creating a lifestyle brand,” said Rea. “That’s why a lot of our time and effort goes into the brand.”

“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” —Ralph Lauren

Currently, the wearmopar.com website is filled with a breadth of well-designed merchandise for Mopar enthusiasts, dealers and our partner independent repair shoppers. The development of exclusive, new wearables and merchandise that appeal to the current fans of Mopar — and beyond — is important to the development of the brand tone as a whole.

“We’re trying to get away from standard branded merchandise,” said Rea. “We’re looking to elevate our brand to new customers while continuing to appeal and attract to our current customers with new design. That’s why we’ve incorporated some of our vintage artwork and vintage ads in our merchandise, and why we love to have local artisans contributing to our product lines.”

A great eye for design is a key to making sure the wearable is popular. Nostalgia sells well too. People love to wear things that connect them to their past, or a time forgotten. And the classic Mopar Brand logos and artwork has certainly proven its appeal to both young and old.

“All of our logos in Mopar history have really taken off,” said Rea. “It shows just how much people have an affinity for the history and the culture of Mopar. We even have a T-shirt out there that utilizes our original HEMI® engine blueprint.”

Note: Some products shown are sold out, no longer available or have limited quantities.