• 2018

The pen with the paint that makes touch-ups a breeze.

It’s a 2-inch scratch. But to you, it looks like your car has been sideswiped by a semi lined with railroad spikes.

It’s not worth taking to a bump shop, but still, the gouge is driving you nuts. What’s the solution?

Ask your dealer or collision specialist for Mopar® Lacquer Touch-Up Paint.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why do I have to go to a specialist to get Mopar Paint? I pass an auto parts store every day.” To answer that question, let’s look at the experiences of Customer A, who went to a dealership collision counter for Mopar Paint, and Customer B, who didn’t.

CUSTOMER A: Got Mopar® Touch-Up Paint from the dealership or collision shop.

Received an exact O.E. color match – from the code on the manufacturer’s sticker. Asked the counterperson how to use the product. A collision specialist told him to:

  • Clean the surface with wax/grease remover.
  • Shake the paint really well.
  • Practice on an aluminum can before using it on the car.
  • Dap paint on the can and pickup paint from there (instead of pressing the paint pen on the vehicle).
  • Use several light strokes vs. one heavy one. Let each coat dry in between.
  • Use rubbing compound to even out the surface.
  • Wait 30 days before waxing.

End result: An at-home touch-up that looks like it’s been done with a magic wand.

CUSTOMER B: Bought aftermarket touch-up paint from the auto supply store.

Eye-balled the paint color.

Asked the counterperson for the paint and how to use the product, who said, “Brush it on the scratch and make sure you wipe it off first.”

End result: You could have a more noticeable reminder of the scratch and fi xing it could cause more issues.

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