• 2018

The Evolution of the Windshield

The Glass Your Customers Will Go Wild About.

When you name a product after a strong, powerful beast, you’d better be able to live up to it. The new Mopar® Windshields Made with Corning Gorilla Glass for 2011-2018 Jeep® Wrangler models does – with rigorous O.E. testing and a 2-year limited warranty to boot.

If the name Gorilla Glass sounds familiar, there’s good reason. Mopar Windshields Made with Corning Gorilla Glass use the same chemical strengthening technology as the Gorilla Glass used on some 5 billion handheld devices worldwide. The result is chip and breakage protection that really goes the extra mile – just like the Jeep vehicle you’ll install it on.

The new glass is two times as tough as conventional replacement windshields. And lighter. And clearer. That’s why it’s no accident that the rugged Jeep Wrangler (JK only) is currently the flagship model for the product. And Wrangler owners are already asking for it by name.

“Mopar is committed to bringing innovative parts and accessories to the market that enhance our customers’ ownership experience. We are excited to launch Gorilla Glass for our 1 million plus Wrangler owners who we hope are surprised and delighted by the time and lifecycle savings of having a more durable windshield option.” — Lauren Kolak, Senior Manager of the Mopar Collision Portfolio

What Makes Gorilla Glass So Great.

Soda lime glass is used on the outside of the vehicle, and Corning Gorilla Glass for Automotive is used on the inside. Together, this hybrid can withstand higher forces of impact than conventional windshields.

Conventional Glass vs. Mopar® Gorilla Glass


What Does That Mean For You?

With over 1 million 2011-2018 Jeep® Wranglers on the road today, it means an excellent opportunity to give valued owners exactly what they want: an O.E. windshield that can withstand the expectations they put on their Jeep vehicles every day.

To stock Mopar Windshields Made with Corning Gorilla Glass products in your store, use:

Part Number 68401325AA | NAGS
Number DW02479GTNMOP