• 2018

Sweating the Details

As the “spring cleaning” cliché runs rampant this time of the year, so do the tips on what you can do to make a car look better and help increase its longevity. Who better to give sound advice than someone who details as a profession? Meet David Riggins, a professional detailer from Jacksonville, Florida. He’s been detailing for 15 years and has even worked his magic at The Amelia Island Concours. David’s also a Mopar® guy and the proud owner of a Dodge Charger.

As most pros know, great detail starts with the right soap. “If you have a good surface on a good car, you’ll want to use a ‘wax safe’ soap [like the Mopar Brand’s Car Wash Concentrate Part No. 05003238AC], so you can wash off the dirt, but keep the protective coating you already have on your vehicle,” says Riggins. It’s also important to always wash from the top down and use plenty of water.

Clay bars are fantastic; they get surface imperfections lifted up. Just be cautious to keep folding the clay and lubricate it with the Mopar Brand’s Finish Enhancer (Part No. 04796238AD) perfectly formulated for that, and for use between wash touch-ups.

Riggins admits there are a LOT of “boutique” waxes, but insists much of their popularity comes from marketing. You simply can’t go wrong with a trusted product like Mopar Cleaner Wax (Part No. 04796237AD) that’s safe for all factory paint jobs, including clear coats and pearl finishes.

Wheels can be a challenge. The key is to clean them regularly, preventing dirt from building up in the first place. Mopar Tire & Wheel Cleaner (Part No. 05066247AE) is an all-in-one cleaner that removes brake dust, dirt and grease. Pressure washers are tempting on wheels, but you have to be careful; it can damage wheel surfaces and knock off wheel weights.

As far as the interior goes, regular vacuuming keeps things in order, but “you want to catch any spills before the stain sets,” according to Riggins. Mopar Total Clean (Part No. 04897840AD), is a spray you can use on plastic, leather, vinyl and carpet to pick up stains and fill your car with a clean scent.

Remember, your local Mopar dealer has access to our full line of specially formulated car care products. For top-level, factory-backed care, give them a try.

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