• 2018

Pure Indulgence

Behold, the next level of luxury.

When it comes to customizing a vehicle’s interior, there’s nothing that makes as dramatic a statement as genuine leather. And, there’s nothing quite like the look and feel of Katzkin® custom leather. That’s why this distinguished company has been a partner with Mopar® since 2003.

The Katz Outta the Bag.

Katzkin Automotive Leather is the country’s premiere designer and manufacturer of custom leather interiors. Since 1983, in partnership with their nationwide installer network of over 2,500 restyling locations, they have transformed over two million vehicles with luxurious and exciting premium leather interiors. Katzkin manufactures leather interior packages for more than 3,000 mid-market vehicles that are available in a variety of colors and materials. The company offers more custom leather interior options than any other manufacturer.

The Better (Leather) Option.

When it comes to leather interiors, FCA US LLC customers have a seemingly endless range of options. Long gone are the days of choosing between a single-tone black, beige or grey leather interior. Today, we work with Katzkin designers to create unique designs for each vehicle to blend the personality of the car or truck with the style of the owner. There are over 135 colors and materials available, which makes it easier than ever to dramatically transform a vehicle’s interior. Additionally, five two-tones are offered, along with stitching options like piping, perforation and contrast, with a dazzling offering of 75 different thread colors. A slew of logo embroidery options are also available.

Nine Lives. And Then Some.

Why opt for leather? There are several reasons customers choose a leather interior. Parents with young children choose leather because it is much easier to clean up spills than cloth seats. Leather also has a premium look and feel to it. Additionally, a vehicle with a leather interior can add to its resale value. And that’s a big plus.

Mopar is proud to be a partner with Katzkin. The quality and appearance of their premium leather interiors is truly second to none. Whether a customer orders a Katzkin custom leather interior with a new vehicle or opts to add leather down the road, you know they’re making a chioce that could suit (and seat) them fine.