• 2018

Mopar® Accessories to Protect and Preserve

You might think that the only accessories designed to protect are used by superheroes in comic books and cinema. Fact is, Mopar® Accessories are built to battle the exterior elements and interior mishaps every day.


Tonneau covers for light-duty trucks come in four morphing forms. Each offers protection of the truck bed and hides the contents of it.

Hard Folding Tonneau Cover: Attractive, low-profile design with rigid panels and a high-strength aluminum frame provides superior shield. It’s got a hidden/quick-release latch system that
automatically locks panels when shut and an advanced sealing technology for weather resistance.

One-Piece Tonneau Cover in Body Color: Constructed of a super-strong, lightweight polymer compound with a patented “X-factor” foundation. It doesn’t weather or crack — unlike comparable fiberglass products. The cover raises with the help of two gas-assisted dampers and features a built-in tailgate lock. (For all-new 2019 Ram 1500 [DT] only.)

Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover: Uses pre-set tension controls to keep the cover tight and looking good, even in the harshest of climates. Straight cross tubes ensure a smooth, flat appearance when closed, while side dual-paddle latches fasten the cover to the bed.

Trifold Tonneau Cover: Can be installed quickly, and removed completely in seconds. It is lightweight and made with a durable aluminum frame, and the structural foam panels are rust and corrosion resistant. (Not available for all-new 2019 Ram 1500 [DT]).


Bed liners for trucks are available in three styles, all of which help to protect the truck bed from dents, scratches, standing water and stains, and assist in limiting the amount of cargo shifts.

Drop-In Bed Liner: Skid-resistant ribbed construction is molded of a high-density polyethylene blend for added durability. Features built-in supports to split cargo. Includes a tailgate liner.

Spray-In Bed Liner: Super-tough and installed right at the factory.

Bed Mat: Say good-bye to dents and scratches on your truck’s bed floor and tailgate. Nylon-reinforced rubber mat removes easily for cleaning.


Rock rails for Jeep® vehicles constructed for the toughest trails to provide rocker panel and lower bodyside protection – so drivers can reach amazing places while staying protected.

Jeep® Performance Parts Rock Rails: Roll-formed and use zinc-coated steel for superior corrosion resistance. Outer surfaces are e-coated and then Durabull® coated, providing superior protection and durability. Not compatible with running boards.


Molded splash guards for all vehicles help protect the lower bodyside panels from damage caused by gravel, salt and road debris.

Deluxe Molded Splash Guards: Are injection match molded to the contours of the vehicle for a custom fit. Some even feature the vehicle logo. They deliver excellent lower body protection and
accent the vehicle styling.

Flat Rubber Splash Guards: Made of ultra-thick rubber to provide maximum protection and great style. Sold in pairs and feature vehicle brand logo.


Door sill guards for all vehicles keep the door sills void of scratches. They are offered in brushed stainless steel and feature the vehicle’s logo. Comes in sets of two or four based on the vehicle.


Vehicle covers block UV rays, ward off pollutants and resist water. They are made of premium, washable, heavy-weight, breathable material (Evolution®, Weathershield® or Matrix®). Custom contoured covers feature double-stitched seams, elasticized bottom edges, clear rear license plate window, tie-down grommets and mirror pockets.


Protective clear film for Pacifica is paint protection film for front door edges, door handle cups, rear liftgate edge and the top of the rear fascia (bumper). The film protects surfaces from chips and
scratches as areas of the vehicle come into contact with rings, gloves, shoes and cargo.


Molded cargo trays for cars and SUVs are easy to clean and feature full-area protection against outside debris. They are custom fitted to cover the entire cargo area so dirt stays out and floors stay new-looking for much longer.






Imagine a world where vehicles stay cleaner, brighter and “newer” longer. Then, realize you live in a world with Mopar Accessories. A world where vehicle protection is completely possible.