• 2018

Love (Panther) Pink

Crystal Marie Marzocchi goes all in with everything she does, which seems to perpetuate her successful nature.

She grew up super-active. Marzocchi played sports until she got hit by a drunk driver shortly after getting her license. She lived in a “car house” where mom and dad were multiple Mopar® vehicle owners. That helped because once she accepted that her sports years were behind her, she had to put that energy somewhere else … her vehicles were the answer. While her parents took great care of their Mopar vehicles, they didn’t modify things. However, buying an SRT4® led her down a road of enthusiasm. What started fourteen years ago as a black car with Viper seats, Kicker audio and other premium options has become “Lucius”, her long-term project car, track day machine and show-winner. It’s a living tribute to the legendary AAR ‘Cuda of 1970. To make it so, she went to school to learn mechanics and auto body repair. And today, nearly everything on it has been modified — almost all of it done by Marzocchi herself — right down to the striking Panther Pink paint!

These days, the SRT4 lives a life of luxury in the garage while Marzocchi daily drives a Jeep® Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel. “I don’t drive Lucius as much as I used to, I don’t go to as many meets and shows as a participant because now I’m the one hosting them. Still, when I do drive that car, I get this stupid smile on my face. Not just because it’s a fun car, but because it’s something that I created.”

But Marzocchi’s need for speed isn’t just satiated by Lucius. She also has a thing for bikes. Want to talk motorcycles? She’s your girl! “I took the class, I got my license and, in that same year, got certified as an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) instructor,” said Marzocchi. “The following year, I did my first track day; now, I do 15-18 track days a year!”

And while Marzocchi does occasionally ride on the street, she points out that “the track is just so much safer, everybody’s going in the same direction on a predictable path.”

Speaking of getting on track, Marzocchi recently teamed up with a friend to co-found GIG Motorsports, an organization that runs autocross and drift events with an emphasis on giving newbies a chance to break into the sport. Her SRT4 is regularly seen on track, dodging cones with the best of them.

Oh, and through all of this, she’s balancing a job and school; she just earned her FOURTH degree and has plans for a Masters and a Doctorate.

Marzocchi is driven to succeed … and her extended Mopar family is a huge part of that. As she aptly puts it: “The stuff that we do makes us feel alive!”

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