• 2018

The Mopar Difference

Spring is in the air and that means it’s probably time for some much needed vehicle maintenance, whether it’s a few repairs or maybe new accessories to get a fresh look or protect against the elements. From pothole damage to new wipers and batteries, you’re going to be busy. When you’re standing across from a customer who asks, “Do I really need Mopar® parts for my FCA US LLC vehicle?,” you can now give them a valuable response as to why Mopar Parts and Accessories are superior to the aftermarket, and are the right choice for their vehicle.

Mopar® Batteries

Information customers will spark to.

Did you know? The incorrect number of cold cranking amps (CCA) in a battery can cause early failure.

Production (OEM) parts are required to meet production battery function ratings that keep the vehicle up to its reliability and durability requirements. Take this into account, an aftermarket battery that doesn’t comply with the OEM specs can contain the incorrect CCA. Incorrect amps can result in early failure and a need to replace the replacement part; but if they would have had an O.E. part, it may have helped avoid the problem altogether.

Mopar All-Weather Mats

Wiping the floor with the competition.

Did you know? Mopar makes better bucket-style floor mats that sell for less.

Just because people see floor mats advertised online and on TV doesn’t mean they are better. Mopar All-Weather Mats are designed and engineered to be better-fitting, more protective and more durable than the competition. They are exact-fitting per the CAD data for specific FCA US LLC vehicles (who needs lasers?). They are branded (Ram, Jeep®, etc.) and color-matched to the vehicle. Other features include higher bucket-style walls, interlocking rear mats that go over the hump and denser composition so they don’t lift or shift.

Mopar Beam Wiper Blades

Goodbye streaky windshields.

Did you know? 75% of vehicles that enter your service bay have a worn wiper blade.

Not only is that a staggering opportunity to sell parts, it’s an excellent way to promote safety via visibility for your customers. Mopar Beam Wiper Blades are currently on 74% of new FCA US vehicles. These O.E. blades offer an infinite number of pressure points for consistent wiping, are designed for superior high-speed performance, deliver quiet operation with less chatter and have low-profile styling with no exposed parts, so they resist freezing.

Reman Steering Components

Getting prepared for potholes.

Did you know? The leading aftermarket competitor does not compare to Authentic Mopar Reman steering components.

We can prove it. In a recent side-by-side analysis, samples of popular aftermarket steering pumps, rack and pinions, and power steering gears failed to meet rigid O.E. standards. That’s important, because if a seal fails in a steering component, things like sand, paint, metal shavings and other contaminants can seep in. That seep-in can cause friction and threaten steering performance. Mopar Reman steering components meet rigid O.E. standards so they are less likely to cause your customer problems.

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