• 2018

Add More Muscle (Without Going to the Gym)

Dodge Durango is a muscle car disguised in an SUV’s body. Equipping it with performance parts can push it to the limit. These parts are engineered specifically for the vehicle, so they meet all Mopar® fit, function, safety and performance standards, because the next level should not include compromise.

Cool Heads Prevail

This bolt-on cold air intake is designed to allow cooler outside air directly into the intake manifold through a directional cone filter. This kit provides increased horsepower and torque under varying atmospheric conditions. The kit includes all mounting hardware.
2012-2017 Dodge Durango R/T 5.7L P/N 77070041
2011-2015 Dodge Durango 3.6L P/N 77070042

These Go to 11

Two high-performance cat-back exhaust systems are new for 2018. They really turn up the volume on the Durango and Durango SRT®. Designed to meet the needs of the Durango customer who wants more musical muscle without necessarily waking the neighbors, the Mopar® Performance Exhaust Systems will certainly drive sales.

The exhaust systems bolt on behind the factory catalytic converter for the 5.7L and 6.4L equipped Durango, and they’re tuned by Mopar engineering for improved exhaust flow, sound and overall performance. Systems include polished tips and all necessary hardware. The stainless steel band-style pipe clamps provide tight sealing and simple installation, while welded and polished tips create an aggressive look. These performance exhaust systems were engineered by Mopar using proprietary sound data gathered from Dodge designers. This data allowed Mopar to specifically tune the system to maximize power and efficiency as well as create a unique and distinguishable sound.
2018 Dodge Durango SRT P/N 77072487
2012-2018 Dodge Durango R/T P/N 77072479

Spring Ahead

The performance lowering spring for 6.4L equipped Durango SRT — also new this year — was tuned by Mopar engineering for improved handling and a lower, more aggressive stance. It features the same spring steel and paint coating as production for robust durability. Plus, it lowers the Durango SRT an average of 15mm and improves performance by reducing squat during acceleration, nose dive during braking and body roll during cornering.

The springs are tuned to the factory damper settings to dramatically improve handling without any adverse effects. This suspension system was
engineered by Mopar concurrently with the factory system and uses proprietary damper tuning data from SRT engineers. This allowed Mopar and SRT to properly tune both the standard springs and the Mopar Spring Kit to the existing dampers for unique and distinguishable characteristics from the very outset.
2018 Dodge Durango SRT P/N 77072488
NOTE: Part numbers are specific to vehicle models.

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