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A Life in the Fast Lane

A lifetime of earplugs and pit passes. The familiar scent of burning rubber and sunscreen. The unmistakable rush of hot wind pressing against his face as 1,000 horses fly by. Recently retired Dale Aldo, Mopar® Motorsports Marketing Manager, will never forget the many hours he’s spent on the racing circuit. Or the many achievements he’s accomplished over the years.

Before coming to Mopar, Aldo was a program manager at Roush Industries and headed up the Ram HEMI® Engine Sport, Rumble Bee and Daytona upfit programs. When he moved to Mopar, he served as an upfit manager, accessory product planner, and performance and parts manager. But when the Mopar Motorsports Marketing Manager position opened up, Aldo jumped at the opportunity to come on board and he has never looked back.

“I was fortunate to work with such talented and motivated people,” commented Aldo. “One thing I’ve treasured over the years was to recognize the people who made Mopar Motorsports what it is today. It was a special time in my life. It was like carrying a torch — you make sure it burns brightly, and when you hand it off, it should burn even brighter.”

Track Stars

Aldo pointed out that after a long dry spell, Mopar Motorsports came roaring back during his tenure. “Winning has definitely put us back on the map,” he noted. Significant wins include four NHRA Funny Car World Championships in 2011, ’12, ’14 and ’16, and two Pro Stock World Championships. “We won the prestigious NHRA Manufacturer’s Cup in 2016. Our first in 45 years,” he said. “We won the Stock Car Eliminator with a package car in 2015 and in 2014 with an older car. Other wins include the 2013 and ’14 Trans-Am Championship with an aluminum HEMI engine. And we were the first to break the 8-second barrier with a Challenger fitted with a Drag Pak. We also grabbed an IHRA title in 2015 with a Drag Pak.”

“It’s been a great run,” Aldo said. “All those wins were a result of the teams working together. In order to win championships, you have to win races.”

Name Recognition

One tip of the hat to the legends of the field of racing was the creation of the Mopar President’s Award. “We never forget where we came from and who helped make it that way,” said Aldo. “It definitely adds to the luster of the brand.” Past winners include such luminaries as Don Garlits, Allen Johnson, Roy Johnson, Herb McCandless, Jeff Teuton and Don Schumacher. “We could make a Hall of Fame with just our Mopar drivers.”

Girl Power

A huge advocate of female drivers, it pleases Aldo that more women are now participating in drag racing and winning. With Leah Pritchett, Courtney Force, Erica Enders, Karen Stoffer and Melanie Troxel competing at such a high level, such an improbability when Aldo started in the business, it has become the norm. He noted the recent record-breaking times by Leah Pritchett was proof women were competing equally with men.

Passionate to the Core

Aldo grew up in the golden age of muscle cars. He developed a love for performance early on. That passion has obviously never waned. “I’m eagerly looking forward to what’s going to happen on the racing scene in 2018,” he concluded.

We’re with you all the way, Dale. Enjoy your retirement — you’ve certainly earned it!

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