• 2018

The Forecast is Bright with Mopar

What will the new year bring to the automotive repair industry?

If you had the answer to that one, you could probably rule the repair business in your town. Anyway, here are a few facts that will help you see the future more clearly. The 2017 results are not yet tabulated, but here’s what we know, thanks to research groups like Lang Marketing.

The Lang Report says that the complete set of Vehicles In Operation (VIO) (counting cars and light trucks) increased by more than 6.5 million units during 2016, the largest increase in over 10 years.

Two reasons for the noted growth were strong new car sales and a modest rate of scrappage.

The population of cars and light trucks at least 12 years old is climbing. In 2016, there were over 136 million vehicles at least 12 years old on U.S. roads.

Older cars equals more maintenance and repairs.

In fact, says Lang, replacement parts accounted for nearly two-thirds of car and light truck aftermarket products sold during 2016 with 64.7% share, followed by chemicals, which recorded a 14.2% product share. Accessories ranked third in share, at 11.4%, followed by tools & equipment with 9.7% of 2016 light vehicle product sales.

What Does it all mean?

Here’s what all that data means:

With both current and older vehicles in operation, there will be a need for maintenance and even more extensive repairs. As the used car universe ages, and more miles are driven, the need for repairs should increase.

And that’s where Mopar® comes in. Among your customer base, there will be demands for quality repairs at competitive rates. This is exactly why Mopar proudly offers a complete line of new O.E. repair and replacement parts, and an extensive line of O.E.-quality Reman Parts.

We’ve got the best of both worlds. And with over 2,400 Mopar dealers located across the country, immediate delivery is a phone call, mouse click or text message away.

With Mopar Reman Parts, you get a guarantee that every part is manufactured to FCA US LLC Engineering standards and specifications, is tested to prove its superiority, and literally comes with a written guarantee of quality — up to three years and 100,000 miles for powertrain components.

Here are a few of the Mopar Reman Parts ready for delivery:

  • Electronic Control Modules
  • Starters and Alternators
  • Power Steering Gears
  • CV Axles
  • Loaded Brake Calipers
  • Engines and Transmissions

So get ready for 2018 and an aging car universe. Check into Genuine Mopar O.E. and Mopar Reman Parts for quality parts at a competitive price. When you need a quality part, there’s no competition. Install Mopar Parts with confidence.

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