• 2018

One in a Million

Truck Driver Takes his Dodge Sprinter to the Limit

Since Don Kubichek retired at age 52, life has taken him on a million-mile adventure. Retirement was so boring, he decided to start a small delivery company. So, Don purchased a 2006 Dodge Sprinter, and over the years, chalked up over a million miles in the vehicle.

A typical trip is anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 miles and includes cities from Boston down to Washington, D.C. Behind it all is Don’s trusty Dodge Sprinter. He bought the truck from S&L Motors in Pulaski, Wisconsin. “S&L always puts me fi rst,”
observed Don. “They treat me like family. If I have an issue, they service me ahead of everyone else, because they know I can’t afford to be off the road. They have one heck of a technician.”

To keep his truck running, Don is on his third engine and third transmission. He has the oil changed every three weeks and is on his 11th set of tires. When his truck hit the 1/2-million-mile mark, Don threw a party for the dealership. It was catered and all the employees were invited. He was told they would return the favor when his Sprinter reached a million miles. So, in  November, S&L Motors hosted a fried chicken dinner in his honor. In addition to all the dealership employees, representatives from FCA US LLC and Mopar® were in attendance.

Don figures he’s traveled through 46 of the 48 contiguous states. His favorite part of the country is the northeast because, “I love the forests and all the history,” as he put it.

When asked about his job, Don commented, “I don’t really consider it a job, it’s more like a hobby, I enjoy it so much. And I’ve been happy as a lark with the truck. I’ll be sad to give it up.” With any amount of luck, the truck just might make it to two million miles.

Keep on truckin’, Don!

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