• 2018

Dressed to the Nines

Getting into the “9s” is a milestone for drag racing enthusiasts. In fact, running a 1/4-mile elapsed time under 10.00 seconds takes massive horsepower, torque and, quite frankly, a racecar. You just can’t do it with a street legal factory car.

At least that used to be the case, then the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon was introduced.

The vehicle features an upgraded widebody, different from the SRT Hellcat® family of Challengers. Vehicles at the top of the food chain of domestic (not domesticated!) muscle. Dodge is slated to build only 3,300 of the SRT Demon vehicles, and that’s all. Naturally, they will become highly sought-after models.

The exclusive package that ensures the SRT Demon can run in the “9s” is only available to SRT Demon owners. For only one US dollar, SRT Demon owners can also order a custom SRT Demon Crate for drag strip use.

The man charged with delivering such products as the Hellcrate (707 hp 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI® Engine) and the many other crate HEMI engines available from Mopar® is Jerry Wolford. He’s the program manager of Powertrain Performance Products at Mopar.

Wolford, who was rebuilding carburetors he found in a field at age 12, goes to work each day focused on both race-type and on-road products for Mopar, including Hellcrate and other HEMI engine products. It is his job to make sure the products get developed, added to the shelf and ready to ship.

What is an SRT® Demon Crate?

“It’s basically a race kit,” says Wolford. “The SRT Demon Crate provides the SRT Demon owner the best experience if they’re taking their SRT Demon to the drag strip.” An SRT Demon Crate is a large black box with SRT Demon logos emblazoned on the outside. It’s delivered directly to a customer’s home, race shop or local dealer. It’s a personalized kit for owners only that is direct shipped.

The SRT Demon Crate is an ominous box filled with product, nested in a tray. In it, there’s everything a SRT Demon owner needs to take their car from the street to the track, with the intention of running it on the strip at optimum performance. packaged perfectly, the tray is designed to also fit precisely in the trunk of their car.

The starting point for a SRT Demon is 808 factory hp and 717 lb.-ft. of torque on pump gas. That’s a chart-topper in most muscle circles. But for the race enthusiast who plans to track his or her SRT Demon, getting into the “9s” is only a possibility with the SRT Demon Crate.

In the Crate is:

  • A Flashed PCM (engine controller) — Provides additional track attributes and additional horsepower (up to 840 hp and 770 lb.-ft. of torque @ 6300 rpm on high octane fuel) above the factory hp. It has an aftermarket calibration to specifically run with high octane fuel
  • 2 18″ x 4.5″ Wheels — Wheels only so customers can pick the drag race tire of their choice
  • 2 Valve Stems
  • Foam Nest
  • Integrated Center Stack Switch (ICS) — A switch you install that is basically a production center stack switch but with a high octane button on it so when you’re at the strip, you activate that button and it optimizes the vehicle to interface with the aftermarket controller. The switch activates many race attributes including the additional horsepower and torque, and it reroutes the A/C refrigerants from the cabin to the engine’s intercooler for engine efficiency under race conditions
  • Passenger Mirror Block-Off Plate — If you want to reduce frontal area and drag, an NHRA-legal way is to remove the passenger side mirror. This plate covers the opening from the mirror when removed
  • Air Intake Filter — SRT® Demon specific, which improves air fl ow above the highly optimized factory unit

Mopar® and its supplier partner are providing customers with exclusive SRT® Demon Crate content, including:

  • Torque Wrench
  • 1/2″ Impact Wrench (battery powered)
  • Tool Bag
  • 22mm Impact Socket
  • 1/2″ Socket Extension
  • Aluminum Floor Jack + Jack Set
  • Fender Cover
  • Air Pressure Gauge
  • Shipping Crate
  • Personalized Vent Assembly
  • I-Sheet

“Put all of those items together and they are the exact tools you need when you get to the slicks to the ‘skinnies’ that come in the kit,” says Wolford. All of it fits neatly nested in the trunk.

The crate also comes personalized. “The owner can provide a name when he or she orders, and in the crate is a personalized HVAC vent assembly for the dash that will have the owner’s name and the vehicle’s credentials. On the crate is a unique label that is a shipping tag with the VIN, serial number and owner’s ‘built-for’ name.”

Simply put, an SRT Demon Crate holds everything needed to take the vehicle to the next level of enjoyment.

For SRT Demon owners only.

The Crates of Hell

The Mopar® Hellcrate that was launched at SEMA 2017 has been our fastest selling Crate HEMI® Engine Kit so far. “We are selling a lot of them”, says Jerry Wolford, Mopar Powertrain Performance Products Program Manager. “Just like the 345 and 392 Crate HEMI engine kits we previously launched, the Hellcrate and controller kit allow the engine to operate with a manual
transmission in a non-native vehicle.”

With the Hellcrate, we have a trifecta of modern HEMI engine power available to the resto-mod and enthusiast market with three levels of power and price. Just like the previous Crate HEMI engine kits, all come with a factory backed tuned PCM, ready to go along with factory developed harnesses, power distribution center, pedal, sensors and hardware. Plug in the harness, give it battery and fuel and you can fire up that 707 beast on the first try. No need for outside tuning or other parts, the kit is designed to make a factory 6.2L run without having to modify the engine.

“Once we finish testing on our end, we reach out to our industry partners like Mark Worman at Graveyard Carz (for example), to get real-world feedback. This ensures we bring the best products to market.”