• 2018

Forty-Seven Hundred Dollars, Forty-Seven Years Later

“We looked at each other like, ‘How are we going to pay for this?'”

When Denny and Cheryl Jorgensen were ordering their 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE at the FCA US LLC dealership where they both worked, they tried their best to keep things simple. “Let’s not worry about power windows or A/C as we won’t be keeping her very long,” said Denny. “Let’s add the Se Edition so we can get the leather front seats. How about the standard steel wheels, then we’ll throw on a set of mags? A luggage rack, too. And sure, add the AM 8-track radio.”

And then the moment of truth: “What about the motor?” asked the dealer.

They left it up to chance, the couple flipped for it. “Heads: 440. Tails: HEMI® engine.” Heads it was. Then, the dealer dropped the bomb. It all added up to $4,700.

“We looked at each other like, ‘how are we going to pay for this?” said Denny. “But we manages. And had a few additional cars along the way. This old girl went through a complete restore about 25 years ago and now she’s back on the streets and in the show circuit with us.”

“We look back and have to laugh,” said Denny. “We were so poor, we couldn’t afford to sell her. And now we’ve kept her so long she became valuable!”