• 2018

Customer Retention is All About the Details




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AMENITIES: Courtesy Shuttle, Customer Waiting Area

Why do customers stay loyal to Country Auto Clinic in Bismarck, North Dakota? To owner Don Engelhart, it’s all about communicating the important details.

“We start by taking appointments only over the phone,” said Engelhart. “That way, we can ask the right questions before the vehicle arrives. We feel it helps us avoid delays. Judging by our reviews, our customers think so, too.”

Another critical communication touchpoint, according to Engelhart, comes immediately following the initial diagnostics. “As soon as we have a firm diagnosis on the problem, we contact the customer to let them know what’s wrong, the cost of the repair, the timeline to fix it, as well as the repair itself.

“I firmly believe that when talking to the customer, explaining what’s wrong and how we’ll fix it is important. In many situations, I ask the customer the quality of part they want installed. Most customers choose OEM parts because I explain that OEM fit and performance is true to what the manufacturer intended.”

Even though the motto at Country Auto Clinic is “Do it right the first time,” Engelhart believes that communicating details, even when a repair doesn’t go smoothly, is crucial. “When a bad situation arises, we focus on resolving the problem fast, efficiently and keeping the customer informed through the process.”

All-in-all, it’s a recipe that works. Said Engelhart, “It’s why our customers stay so loyal to us.”

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