• 2017

Why Authentic Mopar Accessories?

That’s a Good Question.

You’ve probably heard your customers ask the “why” question many times before. How you answer them can determine whether or not you get their business. So we’ve provided a few answers right here…

For Starters, Mopar Starts at the Beginning.

Mopar® is a part of FCA US LLC, so there is no other accessories provider that can understand FCA US vehicle functionality, spirit and philosophy like Mopar.

Mopar engineers were there when your customer’s FCA US vehicle was just a sparkle in the designer’s eye. They’re there when the idea goes into clay model, computer-aided design and to the production line, overseeing every single attachment point, every design change and every necessary adjustment.

When the vehicle is completed, proper pre-planning shows up in the pre-determined points of attachment. No drilling into sheet metal. No bending or torquing to get an Authentic Mopar Accessory to fit. Even the electrical components are built to accommodate Authentic Mopar Accessories.

Original Equipment is Not Reverse Engineered.

In order to make any part fit correctly, engineers need correct measurements. With them, they can make accessories that fit to your customer’s vehicle’s every contour and electrical connection — suited perfectly for their vehicle’s horsepower, speed and handling.

Aftermarket parts accessories providers can spend countless hours reverse engineering their parts to try to make them fit correctly. That is, they try to work backwards in hopes of getting it right. Only Mopar knows and adheres to your vehicle’s exact measurements, all the way down to the nuts and bolts.

We Make Better Accessories.

Many aftermarket accessories providers lose sight of one of the most important aspects of making an incredible accessory – the rest of the car. At Mopar, we’re all about performance without compromise. That’s why our accessories enhance your customer’s vehicle without compromising anything in, on or about their car.

In fact, all Authentic Mopar Accessories are always designed to complement the vehicle’s aesthetics, functionality and performance.

Superior Testing Above the Rest.

Let’s say you’re looking at an Authentic Mopar Accessory and an aftermarket version side-by-side. They might look very similar, but you’re probably looking at two completely different parts.

Our rigorous testing process is superior to the aftermarket. Fact is, the others simply don’t have access to cutting-edge testing facilities. At Mopar, we use all the FCA US LLC resources and partnerships we have accessible to us, including:

• Extensive temperature testing in extreme cold and hot weather
• X-raying of raw materials and finished parts to confirm quality
• Comprehensive crash testing for overall safety
• Wind tunnel analyzation to test aerodynamic performance
• Simulated mileage examinations

We Back it Up.

Since Authentic Mopar Accessories are built specifically to fit FCA US vehicles, they help keep the vehicle O.E., and don’t affect the FCA US vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. And, Authentic Mopar Accessories are backed by a full warranty,* which is supported by FCA US dealerships nationwide.

So the next time a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, SRT® or FIAT® customer asks you a question about accessories, the clear choice is to suggest Authentic Mopar Accessories.

*See FCA US dealer for installation and details.

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