• 2017

Turning $25K into 22,000 Square Feet

Larry Walker & Sons Body Shop

In Highpoint, North Carolina, Larry and Pat Walker built $25,000 into a 6.5-acre 22,000-square-foot body shop, even when most people said they’d never succeed.

Larry borrowed $25K from his father-in-law and another $25K from a private investor. He opened his body shop behind a gas station and paid back both loans in just one year.

Larry bought-out the gas station and built-out the facility.

A local bank bought the original building for the prime real estate. Larry used the money to purchase 6.5 acres of land.

Larry Walker & Sons Body Shop reopened at their new location.

Four bays were added to the new facility to handle increased demand.

The two sons redesigned the entire facility, expanding it to 22,000 sq. ft. The expansion includes a newly painted building with new booths, a drive-through estimate lane with a four-post lift, new offices and a new customer waiting area with two big screen TVs, coffee, water and two detail bays.

Larry Walker & Sons is thriving. Still family owned, the two sons run the day-to-day operations while Larry and Pat (aka Mom and Dad) come in to do a little billing and grass cutting.

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