• 2017

In 1968, this Scat Pack ad for the Dodge Super Bee was the first advertisement in which the familiar bumblebee character was seen head on (until then, he was only seen in profile). While Plymouth’s Road Runner would outsell the Dodge Super Bee six-to-one that year, the vehicle lines and unique tail lamps brought attention to the car’s design cues and focused on the sporty attributes of this light blue marvel. The copy focuses the reader’s attention on the power and toughness of the vehicle, as well as the exclusive Super Bee stripes and graphics emblazoned on the rear end.

One other notable point of interest in this ad is the disclaimer at the bottom that reads: “Drive safely — speed contests belong on the strip.” It certainly gives you some insight into how the muscle car’s popularity (and racing — sometimes illegally) was becoming part of American culture during the time period in which this ad ran.

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