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With the average age of vehicles on the road increasing each year, the chance for serviceable drivetrain components to wear out increases too. Luckily, Mopar® carries an extensive line of remanufactured torque converters that are rebuilt to specific proprietary engineering standards. And make perfect economic sense for quality repairs.

What’s the Problem?

Naturally, if you’re pulling and replacing an entire automatic transmission or engine assembly, it makes sense to replace the torque converter at the same time.

But if a customer is experiencing bad behavior from their aging vehicle, it will require some careful diagnosis to isolate the problem and pinpoint the cause of a faulty converter.

Bad torque converters can lead to a variety of symptoms in their vehicle, like:

• Stalling
• Shudder at lower speeds
• Bad gear shifts
• Transmission slippage
• Poor acceleration or surging

Of course, there are other factors that can create these same symptoms, but your customers depend on you to find the problem and fix it. That is what will keep them coming back. Proper diagnosis is a skill that comes with experience and knowledge.

Mopar® Advantage

Mopar® Remanufactured Torque Converters are made from a combination of new O.E. and remanufactured components using FCA US LLC Engineering and Mopar standards.

The process returns the part to O.E. specifications to ensure the highest quality and performance, all backed by a nationwide 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Maybe the best part is that all Mopar Reman Parts are competitively priced, allowing you to succeed while providing your customers with authentic quality at a great price.

Here’s What You Get in Every Mopar Reman Torque Converter

✓ Superior balance
✓ Lock-up friction discs bonded in production position
✓ Fiber washers are never used
✓ Impeller hubs always at current O.E. specifications
✓ Stator is always completely disassembled and remanufactured with new springs and rollers
✓ Pistons are always checked to ensure a “positive” taper
✓ All components are mechanically cleaned, not simply painted over

The no-brand aftermarket parts do not offer these features. And it matters. Always choose Mopar Remanufactured Parts.

For more information, and to get fast delivery of Mopar Reman Torque Converters or other high-quality remanufactured parts, contact your local Mopar dealer or visit MoparRepairConnection.com.

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