• 2017

Perfectly Personalized

Many customers are interested in accessories, specialty products and aesthetics that make their vehicles unique, collectible or perfectly suited for their off-road or individual lifestyle needs. And Mopar® delivers at every single hairpin turn.

Authentic Accessories

Authentic Accessories from Mopar® are designed by the same engineers that created each FCA US LLC vehicle. That means that they provide seamless fit and function, ensure exact color matches, and are made of high-quality materials that have been thoroughly tested for the long haul.


Mopar Branded Vehicles

In 2017, Mopar continued to celebrate our 80th anniversary with the introduction of the limited-edition Mopar ‘17 Dodge Challenger. Only 80 models in Contusion Blue and 80 models in Billet Silver are available.


The Mopar ‘17 Dodge Challenger joins an exclusive club as the eighth limited-edition. In 2010, the brand produced the first of an ongoing series of limited-edition vehicles — the Mopar ‘10 Challenger. All of the ’10-’17 Mopar branded vehicles were built in Mopar Custom Shops.

Jeep® Performance Parts


Mopar elevates Jeep® off-road performance capabilities with an entire line of Jeep Performance Parts like lift kits, big brake kits, axles, fender flares and whatever else the trail demands.












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