• 2017

8 Decades of Excellence

 All in Service of the People Who Drive Us

Mopar_80thLogo_Final_v2-01-Illustrator6From the introduction of the simple can of antifreeze, Mopar® has evolved to become a complete customer care brand. We’rededicated to providing the highest quality parts, expert service and ultimate convenience — all so our customers can get back to the things that matter most safely and quickly.

We’re experts who know each make and model inside and out, and walk alongside out customers as a partner in their ownership journey. And so goes the journey of Mopar, from its storied inception to being the trusted source for factory expertise, constant innovations and cutting-edge technologies that create new industry benchmarks for customers excellence.




Molded from Necessity

It was 1937. The United States was knee-deep in The Great Depression, and if people were lucky enough to own a car, and it broke down, they had it fixed, not replaced. Customers expected repairs to be quick and correct, because someone being without a dependable vehicle meant being without a paycheck too.


Service and the Military

When the U.S. entered WWII in 1941, Chrysler supplied the M3 tank, the Martin B-26 bomber and everything from aircraft landing gear and field kitchens to military vehicles. Mopar® Parts and service not only supported the efforts, we perfected service at home and in the field before, during and after “The Big One.” It’s a proven standard of excellence that has stood the test of time.


Mopar® College Automotive Program (CAP)

A training program for aspiring Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep®, Ram, SRT® and FIAT® technicians. CAP is the go-to venue for developing smart, qualified, ambitious technicians skilled in the maintenance and epair of all FCA US model vehicles with:

• Over 70 schools
• Close to 4,500 students
• 50 more Mopar CAP LOCAL schools scheduled to open


Sign of the Times

With the recent launch of the new tagline, Mopar “At Your Service”, the brand quickly added Mopar customers service amenities that prove the Mopar service experience isn’t only about servicing cars, it’s also about providing service that foes beyond every customers’s imagination. We look at things differently to offer tools and amenities that ensure the highest level of care.

On-Call and Online — All the Time

No matter where customers are, there’s an easy way for them to get the information they need — from part numbers and owner’s manuals to scheduling appointments and getting advice.




Mopar Owner Companion app offers:
• Personalized Vehicle Information
• Vehicle Health Reports
• Remote Vehicle Commands
• Online Service Scheduling
• Recall Information
• Owner’s Manuals, Warranty Information & More