• 2017

The Mopar Difference – Collision Edition


The group of Americans born between 1980 and 2000 represent the largest generation in our history. So it makes sense that their impact on the world should be proportionate to the size of their group.

Why should you care? Well, for one thing, Millennials are proving to be more of a Do It For Me (DIFM) crowd than other generations that leaned more toward Do It Yourself (DIY). And that could mean more repair business for independent repair facilities.

Millennials are also showing that they like the idea of leasing a vehicle over outright ownership. Lang Reports recently noted that Millennials leasing vehicles has increased by 50% over the past five years.*

If we extrapolate from that news, we can also then believe that repair opportunities, either mechanical or especially collision, should also grow. Lease-end vehicles need to be in great condition either before turn-in (that’s your opportunity) or after.


Here’s what you should remember when those lease turn-in repairs — or any collision repairs — come your way.

For FCA US LLC vehicles, Mopar® Collision Parts always outperform the aftermarket for fit, finish and function. Only Genuine Mopar Parts are made to propriety standards, using the best materials and manufacturing processes, to guarantee the right fit the first time, saving you time and money. In side-by-side testing, Mopar fenders outperformed aftermarket fenders in each of the following:

• Corrosion Testing

• Dimensional Accuracy Testing

• Packaging Comparisons


In laboratory corrosion tests, Mopar® subjected a Mopar O.E. fender to the same 12-week cyclical corrosion test as an aftermarket fender. Both fenders were scratched and then static salt sprays were applied three times per week to simulate five years of exposure to the snow, humidity and salt fog you’d fi nd in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Twelve weeks of testing under these extreme conditions is the equivalent of five years of real-world elemental damage.

The Results:


• Minimal corrosion creepback

• No rust through


• Excessive corrosion creepback

• Long corrosion run-out

• Deterioration at panel edges


Mopar subjected two aftermarket fenders to dimensional testing, comparing them to Mopar design specifications. The aftermarket fenders were measured by a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) using a touch probe, taking three-dimensional measurements at key points.

Next, they were subjected to ATOS white light scans, which showed deviations from FCA US LLC design specifications. The aftermarket fenders revealed a high degree of deviation from specs, and would require extensive adjustment for an acceptable appearance, proper fit and finish.


Mopar packaging specifications require parts to be secure and completely protected to ensure the dimensional accuracy of every part that is delivered to your door.

Even if the aftermarket fender offered accurate dimensions, which it can’t, aftermarket packaging is not designed to adequately protect the part during shipping and delivery.

The results are clear. Only Genuine Mopar Collision Parts offer factory-engineered fit, finish and function from every part we sell.

Always get the Mopar Difference. Ask for protection you can trust – Mopar.

*Lang Reports 3/23/17