• 2017

Born to Tow. Bred to Drag.


In 2007, Mark Blair, owner of Blair’s Auto Care, came across this 1986 Jeep® Cherokee.ThreePhotosTogether

“The former owner brought it in the shop and decided she didn’t want it anymore. So I paid her $250 and tried to sell it for parts or a restoration project.”

But Blair quickly learned that no one else wanted the 20+ year old, fully loaded 2.3L V6 with the rusted floor either. So, after a day at the track watching Camaros and Mustangs, Blair got the idea for a Pro Street Jeep vehicle.

“I never saw one before and I thought it would be great advertising for my shop,” said Blair. “So, in 2008, I started cutting the Jeep vehicle up to make the World’s Quickest Jeep Cherokee. Since no one makes stuff like roll cages or headers for a Cherokee, I figured I was the best person out there to fabricate the parts.”

And so he did, adding drag race modifications like:

■ A Mopar Mega-Block bored and crankshaft stroked to a 505 CI

■ 440-1 cylinder heads, ported and fl owed to the max

■ Aluminum connecting rods, custom race pistons, a custom roller camshaft with .800 lift and a custom shaft mounted rocker arm system

■ A low profile dragster oil pan with a swing arm oil pickup and an adjustable oil pump that flows to a remote mounted oil filter

■ A plumbed intake manifold with a two-stage nitrous oxide system: the first stage, a 375 hp shot; and the second, a 300 hp shot

■ A new back half chassis with a narrowed rear and monster 15 X 33-15 slicks

■ A race front struts and disc braking system

■ Racing master brake cylinders (one front and one rear)

■ 2-speed race transmission with a transbrake

■ All-new gauges

■ 7-AL-3 ignition with crank trigger and timing retard

■ Chrome molly tubing roll cage, certified to 7.50

■ Spring-launched parachute system

Google “World’s Quickest Jeep Cherokee” or visit www.blairsautocare.com > Gallery, to see it in action!

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