• 2017

Your Vehicle’s Health is a Doc’s Visit Away


OWNERS: Mark and Stacy Schenberg
BAYS: 12


The repair doctors at Car-Doc Automotive know that vehicles, like humans, are precision machines that need to be cared for. And when they are properly maintained by experts, both can be around for a long time.Pump

With that in mind, the Car-Doc team does everything possible to keep vehicles in great shape, while nurturing healthy relationships with the customer. “Our focus is customer satisfaction and a cheerful car repair experience,” said Mark Schenberg. From the moment our specialists greet you at your car to the time you leave, we let you know what is happening with your car. No question goes unanswered.”

There is more to the story, and it starts in the 1930s and ’40s.

When Mark and Stacy Schenberg were offered the opportunity to move from a rented space to a new facility, they took on the project with a unique and memorable approach. Instead of typical repair facility décor, they themed their new facility to pay homage to automotive roots, with decorated period pieces, wall murals and antiques from the ’30s and ’40s.

“Our customers always saTire-Warehousey they’ve never seen anything like it. And they tell us the floor is so clean they could eat off of it,” said Mark Schenberg. “In truth, they probably could.”

“Having beautiful and interesting things to look at is part of how we show respect and gratitude for our customers. We also have a comfortable and inviting waiting area with free Wi-Fi, cookies and fresh coffee,” said Mark Schenberg.

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