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KNOWN FOR: Integrity
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When you’re talking to a former football coach, chances are the conversation will be filled with integrity and a winning mentality. So is the case with Dave Toriumi, Owner of Toriumi’s Auto Repair in Watsonville, California.

“I always told my players that, ‘In life, your integrity is the only thing you can truly own,’” said Toriumi.

That’s why Toriumi’s was started and how the business is run – with a backbone of integrity.

“I decided to open my own shop after working at different places in my career,” said Toriumi. “It seemed that customers were leaving unsatisfied both with the service and the price they paid. I knew I could do better by the customer.”

That was in 1986 and the 3,000-sq-ft 3-bay shop is still running strong thanks to Dave’s winning strategies.

“I don’t want my customers to spend their hard-earned money on things they don’t need,” said Toriumi. CustomerNotHappy“So I only recommend what they do need. I also try to prioritize repairs needed so clients can budget. And I strive for same-day repairs so our customers don’t have to wait.”

Said Toriumi, “We like to install OEM brakes from the dealer because we find it helps to avoid brand performance issues. As far as training goes, we have three different software programs where we find spot-on repair information. Plus, I use a company that will hire instructors to teach classes on the latest technologies.”

He also has a company policy that customers love: If a customer is not happy with the repair, we will either fix the issue or give the customer their money back.

The end game is paying off. He gained and maintained second- and even third-generation customers. And his best advertisement is still word of mouth.

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