• 2017



When a rare disease struck mother and daughter in the Chow household, some might argue supernatural Reader-Rides-16forces aided the cure. And when “Cas,” Jenell Chow’s 2008 Challenger SRT8®, arrived in their household, there’s no question supernatural power was there to stay.

Cas is short for Angel Castiel, Chow’s favorite character played by her favorite actor, Misha Collins, on her favorite TV show, Supernatural.

It wasn’t her first TV romance with a vehicle. Reader-Rides-15Chow’s passion for Mopar® started when she made eye contact with the General Lee (aka the 1969 Dodge Charger from The Dukes of Hazard). From that point, she dreamed of having her own muscle car.

“Being a mother of five, it was a dream that seemed unattainable at times,” said Chow, “until my 49th birthday. My husband, Chris, wanted to do something special for me after the illness, so I got to pick out a car I wanted, versus a car that would work for the family.”

After searching, she found her 6.1L V8 Challenger SRT8. After wrestling with the decision of whether to keep the vehicle stock, she decided to modify him with a very special theme.

“I choose to modify Cas after Angel Castiel because all of the good and bad around him is a lot like the world we live in. Cas always tries to do what’s right, but like so many of us, he messes up from time to time.”