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Top Shops: Burt Brothers Tire & Service



NORTHERN UTAH LOCATIONS: 9 IN BUSINESS: 25 years KNOWN FOR: Honesty, Integrity, Customer Service

When Ron and Wendal Burt started working in the tire business, their plan was to run a locally owned store for a few years then buy it from the owner. But after seeing the huge successes the Burt Brothers brought to his store, the owner reneged on the deal to sell.

Plan B emerged, and in less than 25 years, so did 9 locations. And 5 more partners, their sons: Brandon, Cory, Jake, Jeremy and Jason.

“My dad and uncle were ‘the guys’ to go to,” says Brandon Burt. “They knew everyone by name and everyone wanted to have them work on their car. To this day, our goal is to always be ‘those guys.’ To know our customers’ names, earn their trust
and give them the best service we know how.”

It’s a goal that’s already been accomplished and is also a work in progress. No matter what location you may walk into, if you’ve been there before, you’ll probably be addressed by name – and you’ll definitely be acknowledged right away.

quote_balloonTheir continued success is built on core beliefs like quality, honesty and respect.

“When it comes to quality,” says Brandon, “we are second to none. We use the best parts, tires and wheels. We believe in OEM parts so we don’t have to replace them again and again.”

“We hire people who are trustworthy and have integrity. Many times, they seek us out because they know our standards and enjoy working for a like-minded employer.”

To the Burt Brothers, respect embodies the idea of anticipating what the customer might want or need. For example, the waiting areas resemble those in dealerships, complete with freshly cleaned toys, beautiful TVs, magazines in a wide variety of subject matters and clear, easy-to-understand displays.

“We care a lot about how we speak to people,” says Brandon, “and we train our staff to ask the questions that will help our customers come to the right conclusions about the repair decisions they need to make. That includes using laymen’s terms so the customer leaves informed and empowered.”

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