• 2017

One Look Was All It Took


If you’re 16 and your dad says you have to know how to maintain a car before you drive one – you learn fast. That’s what Karen Peterson did, and it’s how a life-long obsession for modifications was born.

hemi_engineHer passion for Mopar®? That came a few years later. “It was 1997 and an ad for the Retro 300M really caught my eye,” Peterson recalls. “As soon as it landed on the showroom floor, my mom and I went to the dealership ‘just to take a look.’”

It just so happened the dealership received the first five Retro 300Ms in the county, and Karen brought one home that day. It was the beginning of a beautiful new relationship.

When the car was about six months old, Karen and her brother clocked a quarter-mile at 15.98 @ 89.95 MPH. Pretty impressive since the only mod she made was fully synthetic oil and performance oil and air filters.

Years later, Karen decided she needed something bigger, redder and bolder. Enter the 2011 Dodge Durango R/T in Redline Red, with the 5.7L durango_rearHEMI® V8.

“I started doing modifi cations almost immediately,” says Peterson. “I am so proud of what I’m building. My most recent dyno was 357 max RWHP and 403.7 max pounds of torque with no internal engine modifications and no headers!”

Peterson’s Durango is as beautiful as it is fast.

The hope is that Karen’s current Durango isn’t the jealous type. Because with the introduction of the 2018 Dodge Durango SRT®, we’re guessing there may be a new one next to hers in the garage very soon.

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