• 2016

Trust is a Beautiful Thing

Comfort as Persuasion

In the midst of cosmetic changes, trust continues to be the most apparent consistency at The Professional #1 Auto Repair in Canoga Park, California.Callout_1

“We’re in the process of change right now. I’m creating a new customer waiting area with a fresh coat of paint, comfortable furniture, TV, Wi-Fi and other comforts to make the repair experience more pleasurable,” says John Nguyen, owner of The Professional #1 Auto Repair.

Proof is in the Problem Solving 

NominCallout_2ated for the Top Shop award by Dependable Dodge from the same city, Professional #1 is obviously a valued customer with a top-notch reputation.

He also believes in the power of proof. So when a customer comes in with all the symptoms that point to a specifi c problem, he still doesn’t make any assumptions. Instead, he finds what is causing the issue.

Saving Them Money Talks

Case in point: “I had a customer come in with a 300,000-mile car with a sound coming out of the engine. The cuAwardstomer said to me, ‘I think it’s the head gasket. It’s going to need a new engine,’” Nguyen recalls.

“I asked him if he really wanted to put a new engine in a 300,000-mile car. He was certain he did. Even with all signs pointing to a blown gasket, I dug deeper,” said Nguyen. “I pulled the spark plugs and checked the compression. Low and behold, just the top of the spark plug was broken. I replaced the plugs and sent the customer on his way with a $69 tab.”

“It’s what he gave me that’s invaluable, his trust.” said Nguyen, “I now have another happy customer and a customer for life.”

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