• 2016


Callout_1From the Ground Up
Pete Springett was practically born at Autobody USA. From the age of 15, Springett started working alongside the owner, Craig Jackson, and never left. So he knows a thing or two about what has made Autobody USA so successful for almost 40 years, growing from its original location in Westside to eight separate shops. It’s the kind of knowledge and experience that comes in handy now that he’s a partner in the business with Craig’s son, Robert, and daughter, Julie.


Loyalty Is a Two-Way Street
Springett isn’t the only one who came to work for Autobody USA and stayed put. Most of the employees have been there a long time, some for 25 years or more. Even the majority of seasoned technicians have been there for well over ten years. That kind of loyalty is really only possible when a company values its staff like Autobody USA does. Employees know that if they’re interested in advancing in the company, or have their eye on specialized training of one kind or another, the partners will more than likely make it happen. And because they have so many other locations, employees can move around to gain more experience.


Reliable People, Reliable Parts
The shop is also particularly loyal to Mopar® parts, and you can believe they use a lot of them. Springett says that it’s not just the quality of Mopar parts that stands out, it’s also the confidence they have in their availability. “If I had to compare all our lines, Mopar is top tier,” he says.

And it Shows
There’s a culture of caring at Autobody USA that you can feel, whether you’re an employee or a customer. Springett says it’s something they try to cultivate in every person who works for them, so they can keep that in mind when handling a customer from their first experience coming in for a free estimate to when their finished vehicle is delivered. That pays off in rave reviews from satisfied customers. Recently, one wrote: “Everyone treated us the way we expected to be treated by a company that really cares and services the customers. The work was excellent and the service was outstanding.”

That’s the kind of result every company hopes to achieve, no matter what business they’re in.