• 2016

Baby Love


The story of the 1967 Dodge Charger equipped with a HEMI® engine and how it finally made its way into Charles Mudd’s “crib” started in 1967 when the car was brand-new.

A gentleman ordered the Dodge Charger from Bill Breck Dodge in Tucson, Arizona. When he and his wife came to take delivery of the vehicle, she insisted they walk away from the car and the deposit; there was no way she wanted a black car with a big
engine and no air conditioning in the Arizona heat.

Other buyers felt the same way and, consequently, the Dodge Charger sat on the lot for quite a while. Day by day, a young lot worker named Gary yearned to take the car home.

Finally, with a co-signature from his dad, he did.

Fast-forward to 1971 when Charles Mudd, a 15-year-old motorcycle racer sponsored by Central Cycle Sales in Tucson, entered the picture. He became friends with David Lauver, co-owner of Central Cycle Sales. David introduced Charles to Gary, the then-owner of the ’67 Dodge Charger. The three stayed friends throughout the years.

“Gary treated the car like a baby,” says Charles Mudd. “Because to him, it was his baby. I remember sometime back in the early ’90s, he was offered an obscene amount of money from a Japanese muscle car investor and he wouldn’t let it go. To him, it would be like selling his child.”

“I must have asked David at least 40 times over the course of my adulthood if the car was available, and every time David asked Gary, it was never for sale,” Charles recalls.

Then, in 2005, Christmas came. “I got a call from David on Christmas Eve,” said Charles. “He said, ‘Gary’s selling the car!’ That was all I needed to hear.”


Charles, who was living in Texas at the time, flew to Arizona the day after Christmas to visit Gary and pay for the car. “When I got to Gary’s house, the car looked exactly as I remembered. It had only 9,980 miles and all that had been changed from stock (besides a few cosmetics) was the brake booster.”

Today, Charles continues to enjoy the addition of the 1967 Dodge Charger to his car collection. Like many new parents, however, Charles is a little hesitant to take the baby out … he’s only put 30 miles on the car since he bought it!

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