• 2016


Kevin Driftmier – Irwindale Speedway

“Whoever built the crate 360 in the ‘72 Barracuda, well, my hat’s off to them,” says Donald A. Driftmier. He and his daughter Melissa have driven the car back and forth to work daily for the past 23 years. “Sure, it’s got some road rash, but it also has 270,000 miles — and it still gets a lot of looks.”

BoxArt2The Barracuda isn’t the only Mopar® car Donald has in his garage. His other Mopar is a ‘67 Plymouth Satellite, a restoration project he and his son Kevin took on some 24 years ago.

Now, with the vehicle complete, Driftmier’s car is a true American muscle Mopar. The bright red Satellite sits on a 440 big block complimented by an old school cam and quick-cooling radiator.

“We built it for the track,” says Driftmier, “so I told Kevin he needed to learn how to race it.” Learn he did, and earned his NHRA Super Comp License at the Frank Hawley Drag Racing School under the expertise of Jack Beckman.

The Satellite was also featured in Roland Osborne’s Chrysler Power magazine and is a frequent draw at BoxArt1Mopar shows. The Driftmiers even met comedian Jay Leno, who came over to admire the Satellite at one of the displays where the car was featured.

If you think Don and his kids are the only ones having fun with their Mopar cars, you should probably think again. Marilyn, Don’s wife (Kevin and Melissa’s mom), is all-in on the racing fun. Her daily driver is a 2006 300 SRT® and she’s not afraid to get the most out of the SRT power. “Just the other day,” says Don, “I asked her what the black stuff was on the rear quarter panel. I had to laugh at her response, which was, ‘rubber.’”


Matt Hagan and the ‘67 Satellite at a photo shoot/autograph event at Glendora Dodge the week of the NHRA Finals in Pomona.

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