• 2016


KentsDieselWorksAZ, MESA

OWNERS: Kent Swapp

IN BUSINESS: Since 1998

SPECIALTY: Diesel engines of all kinds, from 3/4-ton diesel pickups and larger

Kent Swapp opened his business in 1998, but he’s been working on diesel trucks his whole life. “We had to maintain semis at home, so my dad could keep working…so I know a lot about diesel engines.” Swapp knows that when a hard-working truck is in his shop, it means its owner might not get paid that day. So high-quality workmanship on every job, big or small, is a responsibility everyone takes seriously.

If It Runs on Diesel…

Over the years, Kent’s Diesel Works has repaired diesel engines found in just about everything — from pickups to bus air conditioners to all kinds of non-highway machines, like back hoes and cranes. They also build engines from the ground up, including many for the agriculture industry.

Just Do It.

While Kent makes sure to have the most updated programs for his computer system, and takes advantage KentsQuoteof classes offered to his mechanics through NAPA, Dodge and Ford, he feels nothing teaches as well as doing. “Most times, we know our way around an engine before the classes on it are even offered,” Swapp says.

What Down Time?

Swapp doesn’t do any formal advertising — his loyal customers keep business steady just through word of mouth. When asked how they manage down time, Kent just chuckles. “We stay pretty busy year-round.”

A Customer for Life.

Of all the times Kent’s expertise has made a difference, one case really stands out. Some years back, Kent found a truck wreck in a canyon with a passenger pinned inside. He climbed down and unbolted the shifters, steering column, seats — anything he could do to make the man more comfortable until help arrived. By the time paramedics arrived four hours later, the Jaws of Life hardly had to do a thing. Kent is humble about the whole episode. “It was the way I was raised. You just help someone.”