• 2016


Performance is a wide-ranging term in the automotive industry. When someone talks about upgrading vehicle performance, engine and suspension modifications usually come to mind. But performance also includes how a vehicle looks. Everyone wants a cool ride, and Mopar® has a complete line of body accessories that increase the visual performance of any car or truck.

The Body

The first place to start when customizing your ride to get that performance look is the body. Mopar offers a variety of bodyside graphics to personalize your vehicle. Mopar graphics are engineered, tested and designed specifically for your vehicle and use production-grade materials. A variety of designs — ranging from a thick black stripe for the hood, roof and trunk, to lower body graphics — are available as decal kits sold with the vehicle (main image of this article).

Nothing says a car is hot more than a hood scoop and Mopar has the sheet metal to make that happen. You can add a replacement sheet metal hood with integrated scoop to give your Dodge Charger or Challenger an aggressive look. The hood is manufactured with OEM materials for a perfect fit and finish (don’t trust an aftermarket replacement hood to fit as well as one sold by Mopar).

Hoods are either E-coated or primed (depending on the application) and include black, paintable bezels. RubiconX_bumper_MWR14US4_040JK and LX vehicle applications feature gas assist hood props. Certain late model applications even include a cold air induction system for some added punch (refer to the image on the right).

A rear spoiler is a nice addition to the body that complements a new hood. And the spoiler actually does improve airflow at the back end of the car, where it is just as important as at the front in helping air flow over the entire vehicle. The net result is a slight gain in overall vehicle performance.

Finally, the look of any body will be enhanced by the installation of a grille applique. These special grille inserts add a touch of originality and are available for the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Jeep Grand Caravan and Dodge Dart. Taken another step further, complete upgraded grilles and front-end appliques are also available. A new grille will give the front end of the vehicle a unique look and will help enhance the car’s aesthetic appeal. All parts are designed to meet FCA US LLC standards for durability.


CH016_010TWAdding fog lamps to your performance-looking car can be one of the finishing touches. Mopar fog lamps undercut inclement weather and minimize glare. These lights are designed specifically for your FCA vehicle and have an integrated look. Check state and local restrictions on installation and use.

Finally, chrome exhaust tips provide the last piece to the puzzle. With chrome 18″ wheels, bodyside graphics, hood scoop, rear spoiler and the exhaust tips in back, the car is complete.


Aside from the body, there are other exterior accessories offered to enhance the performance look of your Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep® vehicle. One of the more popular options is the aluminum fuel filler door. Several different designs can be purchased, including the classic door with the word FUEL that adorned the late ‘60s Dodge Charger. These fuel doors are easy to install, require no drilling and meet all FCA US LLC corrosion standards. Chrome is always a nice touch. B pillar chrome accents add some pizzazz. Chrome mirror covers for the outside mirrors then complete the job.

No discussion of visual enhancements would be complete without mentioning wheels, the easiest way to enhance the look of a vehicle. Mopar® offers a complete line of performance 18″-20” wheels available in either chrome plated, polished or painted and treated in a durable clear coat finish. All wheels are designed to meet FCA US LLC strength, corrosion and balance standards. And if these wheels are larger than the O.E.-equipped wheels, larger tires can be installed that can improve vehicle handling and braking.


The performance touch is not limited to the outside of the vehicle. Mopar offers a complete line of accessories to enhance the look and feel of the inside of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle. After all, if you’re going to bolster the performance of your Chrysler Brand ride, you’re going to want the interior to reflect that feeling.

Let’s begin with the seats. Mopar and Katzkin® Leather Interiors, Inc. have come together to create a unique custom leather seating program for enthusiasts who want to express their individuality. Katzkin offers premium leather-trimmed packages with embroideries, piping, two-tones, suede and much more in many different colors.MCG16US4_031

Next, a custom shifter, or shift knob, is always a nice touch. After you’ve finished boosting horsepower and stiffening the suspension, nothing feels better than shifting into gear when pulling away after a red light. For vehicles equipped with automatic transmission, there is the shifter lever emblazoned with the Mopar symbol. For manual transmission-FAB16US4_006equipped cars, leather-wrapped and pistol grip handle shift levers are available.

To finish off the driving position enhancements, installing stainless steel pedal covers adds plenty of bold brightwork to your footwell. Rubber on pedals provides contrast to the performance look, as well as plenty of positive traction. There’s no drilling required to install these pedals.