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In virtually every metropolitan area, a performance car culture exists. The culture is made up of many sub-groups — from classic muscle car owners to late model performance car lovers.

Baby Boomers are known to treasure a high percentage of muscle cars from the ʼ’60s and ʼ’70s, and many of them are proud DIY-ers. But crawling under a 4,000-pound vehicle on a cold garage floor doesn’t have the same appeal it once had. Leaning into an engine compartment is not as easy as it once was either.

Similarly, younger performance enthusiasts are not nearly as quick to open the hood and attempt to install performance parts. Millennials have proven to be more of a Do-It-For-Me crowd. And with the relative complexity of newer engines and computer control systems, it pays to go to an expert.

That’s where you come in.

This could be the perfect time to start promoting your “performance expertise” to attract new customers. Here are some ways to do it:

• Get a performance car out in front of your shop. Performance vehicle owners want to go to a place where other performance vehicles are serviced.

• Speak their language, go where they go. Get involved in as many local car shows as possible, via sponsorship or just to hang out. Word of mouth marketing is invaluable in the performance car culture. If you have the space, work with local car clubs to hold a show in your own lot.

• And, finally, let your local Mopar® dealer help you with performance upgrades by specifying factory-engineered performance parts like Mopar Performance Scat Pack Kits, camshafts, heads, cold air intakes, exhaust systems and more. A Mopar factory crate motor is the perfect solution to a major build or repair.

It’s time to build a new business within your business by growing your performance car brand. Call your local Mopar dealer to help you succeed.

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