• 2016


It started when Shannon Awtrey-Reynolds was just a girl, when she and her dad spent the weekends either working on his ‘72 Barracuda or going to NHRA drag races.

“My dad had the best way of teaching me to fix carburetors and transmissions,” says Shannon. “He would sit in a chair and ask me what tool I needed. He’d hand it over and I’d take things apart and put them together until I figured out what worked.”

She figured out more than how to fix a Mopar® vehicle. She also figured out that she absolutely loved them.

Today, Shannon owns a 2014 1 of 1 Viper named Belinda, a Stryker Green GT with a six-vent SRT® FB_IMG_1473875123353hood. It was a purchase she made for her dad so the two of them would have matching green Mopar cars.

The Viper’s mate is Shannon’s 2011 Green with Envy Challenger SRT named “BB,” which is short for Beauty the Beast, “I kept saying she was beautiful and my dad kept on saying, ‘she’s a beast.’ Soon she just became BB”, says Shannon.

Shannon Awtrey became Shannon Awtrey- Reynolds when she married Rory Reynolds in 2014. Reynolds had no idea what Mopar was until he met Shannon. And he had no idea how to fix them until he met her dad. The two men spent hours getting to know each other over Mopar cars and big block engines. Rory fell in love with the brand himself and is now the proud owner of a 2015 Challenger SXT.


FB_IMG_1444189151568He called it “Root Beer Brown” and in 2001, Eldon Awtrey sold the brown Barracuda with a white top (the one he and Shannon spent weekends working on in their garage) to a young man in Sacramento, California. Sadly, Eldon passed away in 2014 and, understandably, Shannon would love to reconnect with the vehicle.


Contact Mopar Magazine at editor@moparmagazine.com if you have any information regarding the vehicle or its whereabouts, and we’ll pass your information along to Shannon.

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