• 2016


In order to retain customers you have to build trust. While excellent repair service is important, trust is about the people who drive the vehicles you repair, and how you connect with them.

shoptalkCustomer Relationship Marketing ranges from webpages and social media sites to direct mail and email. Regardless of the message, engaging with the customer with the right message at the right time is key to Customer Relationship Marketing success. Equally as important is maintaining a customized cadence of communication based on consumer behaviors.

Customer Relationship Marketing goes hand-in-hand with Customer Relationship Management. Tracking your communications to see if the customer came in for a repair is a critical component to managing the relationship. Without it, there is no way to measure the effectiveness of the message.

Customer Relationship Management systems are a great tool to measure campaign success. Some are so advanced they can do everything from managing customer accounts to tracking leads. They can recommend marketing channels and develop timing of follow-up communication. Of course those services come at a price, so if a good Customer Relationship Management System isn’t in your budget, a CRM template in Excel is a great place to start.

There are several resources that can help you get started with the many aspects of your campaign, including local marketing and advertising agencies and websites that can assist you in creating direct mail campaigns and purchasing mailing lists.

No matter where you are with CRM, the important thing to remember is maintaining relationships with your customers. Customized marketing communications will resonate better with customers, ultimately driving retention and loyalty.