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Because so many car, truck and SUV owners follow the instinct to cut costs associated with vehicle ownership, they may lean toward discounted or off-brand maintenance items like filters. Mopar. parts are competitively priced — and the alternative could cost much more later.

Engine air filters, cabin air filters, and especially oil filters, are a few of the maintenance instances where installing the genuine article does make a difference, especially long-term.

What most people don’t realize — and we know this because it is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance — is the importance of an air filter to a properly functioning engine. Not to mention, the performance and fuel economy that comes with it. A clean air filter is imperative for a free-breathing engine. The air must flow at the designed rate through the filter element even when it’s clean. Only a genuine Mopar air filter guarantees that specified flow rate

Perhaps the most critical in the family of filters is the oil filter. Impress upon your customers that there are huge differences between a Mopar oil filter and the aftermarket substitutes. The chart to the right breaks down every part of a Mopar filter, and shows where the off-brand oil filters cut corners.

The potential harm to the engine by using a discount oil filter that fails, could cost your customers thousands.

When you think about it like that, and you look at the differences between authentic Mopar oil filters and generic brands, there’s just no way to justify any other choice. Choose Mopar.


Despite what some manufacturers would like you to believe, all oil filters are not created equal. Value priced oil filters are less expensive because they are usually produced to lower standards. For only a little more, you get a lot more with Mopar. filters.

Engineering Approved Mopar® Filter

Rigorously tested to meet FCA US LLC vehicle application standards. Only Mopar filters are approved by FCA US Engineering to meet FCA US New Vehicle Warranty criteria

Filter Canistermoparfilter_exploded

Mopar: High-strength steel canister encloses the assembly with a mechanically-locked double seam to prevent leakage and ensure structure integrity during abnormal pressure situations.

Coiled Steel Spring

Mopar: High quality coiled steel spring ensures a constant load on the inner element to maintain a seal between the upper end cap, the inner element support and the mounting plate during pressure surge situations.

End Caps

Mopar: Steel end caps retain element end sealant and filter media, providing structural rigidity to the pleated media.

Filter Media

Mopar: Improves the filter’s ability to catch and hold dirt. Our glass enhanced cellulose media captures more of the extremely small 10–12 micron sized particles that can be missed by other media.

Spiral Steel Center Tube

Mopar: Increases the flow of clean oil and provides superior strength to maintain structural integrity in all conditions.

Safety By-Pass Valve

Mopar: If the filter becomes plugged with dirt, an up front safety by-pass valve keeps oil from washing over the contaminated media and carrying that dirt back into the engine.

Anti-Drainback Valve

Mopar: Superior nitrate based valve stays flexible in extreme temperatures keeping oil in filter to prevent engine-destroying dry starts.

Leading Aftermarket

Competitive filters have not been evaluated/approved by FCA US engineering for fit and function. Aftermarket competitors engineer, produce and evaluate their filters based on their own unpublished, internal criteria.

Filter Canisteraftermarketoilfilter_exploded

Leading Aftermarket: Many competitors utilize significantly thinner canister walls which can distort and lose structural integrity under elevated pressure conditions, causing seam leakage and potential engine failure.

Coiled Steel Spring

Leading Aftermarket: Less expensive leaf springs may not maintain proper sealing during pressure surge situations, allowing dirty oil to escape filtration and re-enter the engine.

End Caps

Leading Aftermarket: Fiberboard end caps are a much cheaper alternative however, they are more susceptible to rapid deterioration that can potentially result in filter failure and ultimately catastrophic engine damage.

Filter Media

Leading Aftermarket: This competitor offers 41 percent less media than the engineering-approved Mopar filter. This impacts the filter’s ability to trap dirt without getting plugged plus, the media may contain less robust resins that do not provide adequate protection.

Spiral Steel Center Tube

Leading Aftermarket: As a cost saving measure, many competitors use weaker center tubes that can collapse in situations such as cold starts, filter plugging and differential pressure spikes, causing catastrophic engine damage.

Safety By-Pass Valve

Leading Aftermarket: By-pass valves are often eliminated by the competition in an effort to reduce costs.

Anti-Drainback Valve

Leading Aftermarket: Competitors often use less expensive, lower grade nitrate based valves that can become brittle over time, allowing oil to drain back into the engine.