• 2016


Usually, it’s what an auto repair shop does that makes them stand out. But it was what this one didn’t do that proved just how much their service means to their customers, every day. It’s just one of the reasons why Smith’s Auto & Truck Service Center has earned this issue’s “Mopar® Magazine Top Shop Award.”

Smith’s Auto & Truck Service Centerawards

Doylestown, PA

Owners: Al and Nick Torcini

In Business: 3 years

To Nick and Al Torcini, customer service is just as important as their commitment to the highest quality workmanship on every vehicle. Nick Torcini remembers the first time an older gentleman brought his 2006 Mercury in for a rough idle. The technician thought he’d fixed it, only to see the man come back a few days later. Both times, the man paid the bill. When he returned, yet again, Nick got a call from the man’s understandably irate daughter. Determined to turn the situation around, Nick insisted on reimbursing most of the charges. Then he and Al gathered their entire team to troubleshoot the tricky idle, finally working out a permanent solution.

locations_banner2_webThe Things That Don’t Cost Anything Are Worth the Most.

Now both the man and his daughter only take their cars to Smith’s. In fact, that gentleman has become like a grandfather to everyone in the shop. And, like every Smith’s customer, each time he comes in – whether it’s for a routine oil change or a mysterious engine noise – he always gets the signature Smith’s follow-up call the next day. It’s a practice that happens without fail. Except for that one time it didn’t.

The Relationship Business.weallmakemistakes

In any business, success comes down to good relationships. To the Torcini brothers, you can see that in the rapport they have with their customers and their staff, and their dedication to doing everything the right way.

“I’m always gonna stand by our work. If you don’t, you’re not gonna be around a long time.”